Hybrid Cloud The Raw Material for Digital transformation

The hybrid cloud is a fundamental building block of successful, future-ready businesses. Find out how to use it strategically and how best to implement it.

Enterprises face an unprecedented wave of challenges including greater competition, new market realities, and challenging business models. But with a hybrid cloud strategy, you could turn those challenges into competitive differentiators.

Today, here’s the enterprise ask of CIOs: Drive our digital transformation, give us the agility to respond to market shifts quickly, create the frameworks and the service catalogues that allows us to help ourselves, give us the tools that enable us to adapt to changing consumer demographics, rapidly-transforming buying trends, and the emergence of new competitors.

Download IDC Executive Brief Hybrid Cloud: The Raw Material for Digital Transformation, to find out how you build the underlying IT environment to create a hybrid cloud and achieve these goals.

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Drive Digital Transformation

Find out how the hybrid cloud can facilitate the digital agenda, increase agility, contain cost, and enable an IT as a Service model.

Ride the Hybrid Wave

65% of enterprises in Asia-Pacific will adopt hybrid cloud architectures by 2017. What’s driving them?

Create a Strategic Sourcing Plan

What IT sourcing and architecture environment should your enterprise use based on different workloads? We have a matrix.

A Cloud-First Approach

Businesses plan to move 25% of their workloads to a cloud-first strategy and 40% of their workloads to a cloud-also strategy.

Toward an IT Infrastructure That Delivers in 2016 and Beyond: The Journey of ASEAN Banks

IDC Financial Insights discusses how a new era of IT infrastructure modernization is upon banks actively participating within the Association of Southeast Nations (ASEAN) market.

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Conquer the complexity challenges of your global cloud journey

Enterprises’ cloud journeys are only growing more complex especially if companies are extending beyond in-house private clouds to integrated ICT globally. This whitepaper explores how can enterprises best control the complexity of their cloud platform.

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In the Cloud

As the cloud achieves mainstream status, proven business benefits are speaking volumes. The strong performance of cloud models, which deliver high availability, great scalability, and speed and flexibility in deployment are more important to some companies.

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